Brief Exchange is a group graphic design and illustration exhibition that invites its participants to compose a brief; to be exchanged with another participant’s brief at random.


The aim of Brief Exchange is to give creatives an opportunity to develop and promote their own work without the limitations often caused by clients’ feedback and budget. The creative’s target audience should be both themselves and other creatives. The show also aims to create a network for creatives who might not know each other yet.

So far 63 creatives have taken part, resulting in 150 posters overall.

Brief Exchange has been set up and is run by Noeleen Doheny.

A printed poster show that ran in two venues, one in Cork (August 7th to 24th 2012) and the other in Dublin (September 22nd-30th 2012).



A printed show that ran during national Design Week from November 3rd to 16th 2013. The posters were dotted around Cork city in metre wide advertising spaces.


A printed show exhibited in outdoor advertising spaces around Limerick city, from August 5th to 17th 2014.



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